Insurance for Your Home

Your house is probably your most important asset and an important part of being a homeowner is protecting that investment by purchasing homeowner's insurance. It will allow coverage for your home both inside and out by providing compensation for losses to your house and your possessions. It can also safeguard you if you are responsible for someone's injuries on the property. Being an independent agent, we can offer you a range of coverage from different carriers to find the policy that's right for you.


Benefits of Homeowners Insurance

  • Protection from the unexpected loss occurrence.
  • Protection should you lose your home due to fire or natural disaster.
  • Replacement if your contents are damaged or stolen.

Insurance for Your Rental

It’s important to protect your personal property while living in a rental home or apartment. Renters insurance can protect you from loss due to unforeseen circumstances and instances such as fire, theft, and water damage that your landlord's policy does not provide. You can't depend on coverage from their policy to cover your possessions because they only cover the building structure, and not your personal property. It includes the financial protection you will need should your personal property be destroyed or stolen, plus liability protection should someone suffer injury in your residence.


What does Renters Insurance Cover?

  • Personal Property
  • Personal Liability
  • Specified Perils and Covered Losses