The Foundation of Your Business

Business property insurance protects your business' physical assets from unexpected loss. Whether your company is small or large your future may depend on having the right coverage in place for your building, furniture and equipment, inventory, signs, and even property of others. Every business is different so it's important that your property insurance package is tailored to fit your needs.


Besides just replacing or restoring your lost or damaged property, you need to consider the following coverage:

  • Business Income & Extra Expense - in the event your business is unable to perform its day to day operations due to a covered loss, would be in a position to pay your employees and your bills in the meantime?
  • Mechanical Breakdown - without this valuable coverage, could you afford to repair or replace your equipment if it simply broke down due to mechanical failure? Could you afford relocation costs in the event mechanical failure closed your operations until it was resolved?
  • Electronic Equipment and Data - computers are becoming more and more essential everyday in the operation of a business with many business using customized software and databases. This coverage can provide for the cost of the devices as well as cost to research or replace damaged data.
  • Money and Securities - replaces funds and investments used in your business should they become lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Crime - can your business withstand a wrongful act committed by your employees?

These are just a few coverages to consider to insure your business is protected against loss. Contact one of our experienced agents for a comprehensive review of your business insurance needs.